Vinny Ten Racing Terms and Conditions

Canceling An Order

There will be a 10% cancellation fee to any customer that cancels an order. An item can only be considered cancelled if it has not already shipped. In the ordering process, whether it is over the phone, over the internet or by other means not in person, we immediately charge your credit card to verify the funds are available. On all special order or custom items (engines, engine internals, items that are configured by you based off of options, custom built items or any non stocked parts) a 25% cancellation fee will be imposed. Please be sure of your purchase before you commit.

Refused Shipments

If you are to refuse a package and it returns to Vinny Ten Racing or the place it was drop shipped from that does not mean you are entitled to a refund or credit. It's the customers responsibility to arrange all details of the refused package prior to refusing with Vinny Ten Racing. All refused items, if they are deemed at any time to be considered a valid return will be subject to our companies 25% restocking fee. The customer will also be responsible for any freight charges which are the result of the refused items.


If at the time your order is placed the item, for any reason, is not available then Vinny Ten Racing will be happy to hold a backorder on that item for you. We will ship the item as soon as it is available to us. During this process we will do our best to keep you updated on the status of your item. You may cancel this item any time before it ships for no charge.

Technical Support

We love to help all of our customers. Never a problem too big or too small. However, due to the nature of time we can not help everyone on every technical issue. However if you are a customer of Vinny Ten Racing and have purchased the product you are calling for help on through us, we will help you to the best of our ability. We can not always help you over the phone or by email on complex problem, but we will do our best to point you in the right direction. Vinny Ten Racing offers technical support as a courtesy only, Vinny Ten Racing reserves the right to refuse help and support to anyone they see fit.


All orders must be prepaid before we can ship. We do not offer COD or Billing Service. We accept the following forms of payment :
• Cash is always accepted (please do not mail cash)
• Visa or MasterCard (All Visa/MasterCard Orders will be shipped to the Billing Address Only, or authorized shipping address.)
• Paypal
• Money Order(s) in U.S. Currency (please allow time to clear, must be for exact amount of purchase)
• Certified Check(s)/Bank Draft(s) in U.S. Currency. (please allow time to clear, must be for exact amount of purchase)
• We will accept bank wires and transfers on a case by case basis. Must submit order by calling us at 631-414-7590 to arrange for this type of payment.

Ordering Policy

Placing your order on our site does not constitute our acceptance of your order. We reserve the right to not accept any order, from any person, for any reason. Confirmation on any order does not guarantee acceptance of your order either. All orders placed over $1500 USD will require pre-approval with an acceptable method of payment. We have the right to require additional verification or information before accepting and approving any order. OUR WEBSITE is setup to take orders from within the United States ONLY! All other customers must contact Vinny Ten Racing by phone to inquire about placing an order, shipping an order and / or availability. You may also contact us by email at

Pricing, Availability and Product Information

All pricing listed on the site is without shipping, handling, taxes and other fees. New York State residents are responsible for paying the current sales tax rate. Pricing, availability, listed information, specifications, recommendations and descriptions are subject to change without notice at any time. Items will be shipped based on availability. (See Cancelations and backorder policies) We want you to have your product as quickly as possible and will do our best facilitate all orders. Vinny Ten Racing reserves the right to make slight substitution on items in the event something is not available. All substitution will be informed and approved by the customer prior to shipping. All information on the website and contained with in the website are correct at the time of publishing. If a product is listed with incorrect information or pricing due to our entry error or other, Vinny Ten Racing reserves the right to change or modify this price. In the event that a change or modification must take place Vinny Ten Racing reserves the right to cancel any order. If your credit card was charged or payment was received it will be refunded (see refund policy). You should always confirm with manufacturers website or staff before ordering to confirm the product is exactly what you want.


Vinny Ten Racing reserve the right to NOT honor any warranty if the defect was caused by customer or other installer abuse, neglect, and/or mishandling. Vinny Ten Racing offers no direct warranty on any items or products sold, with exception to VTR custom built engines. All other products only come with manufacturers warranty, if available. These warranties are between you and the manufacturer and has no involvement of Vinny Ten Racing. All of the manufacturer warranties are subject to approval by the manufacturer after submission. The customer will be responsible for all shipping and handling fees related to the return of the item. Vinny Ten Racing will not provide any compensation for labor or inconvenience may be included on any claims. Custom order, one off parts, all electrical items and mounted wheels are not covered for warranty.

VTR Custom Built Engines

VTR custom built, rebuilt, or race engines come with a unique warranty which will be specified in the paperwork which is sent with every engine. Warranties on any engine that shows signs of customer neglect, abuse, misuse, improper care, or failure due to installation or any customer fault will be void.

Product Installations

All products, of any type, to be installed on any vehicle, of any type, should be installed and completed by a qualified technician. Improperly installed products may lead to product failure, vehicle damage, personal injury or injury to others. No warranties will be extended or honored as a result of an improperly installed product(s).


It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all modifications, parts or engines installed in their vehicle are legal for their local state, city, and governing jurisdiction. Vinny Ten Racing will not be held responsible nor provide any compensation to anyone for legal issues as a result of vehicle modification and aftermarket product purchase. Customers should know the local laws before any purchases are made.

Vehicle Modifications

All performance modifications completed on any vehicle is considered to be off road use only. Customers should understand that all modifications on vehicles are at their own risk and is not the liability of Vinny Ten Racing or any of their employees, partners, manufacturers sub contracted or any other. All performance work is for racing vehicles only and may never be used upon a highway or public road unless otherwise specified by local law or products manufacturer. In either case Vinny Ten Racing will not be responsible for any damage, fines, injury or other related to the performance work completed. It should be understood that in most cases factory warranties will be void with any modification on the vehicle. Items that the manufacturer documents as "CARB" exempt, are legal to use on public roads.

Hours of Operation
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Sunday - Closed
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