Vinny Ten Racing - EFI Tuning

At VTR we tune any vehicle from basic street cars that are looking for that extra pep to dedicated race cars looking for precision. We offer the most advanced tuning ability with todays latest technology. Bringing our 30 years of racing and tuning knowledge to every car is only the start.

We specialize in tuning the following engine managament systems:  

  • Hydra Standalone Engine Management
  • AEM
  • Split Second
  • Dynojet CMD
  • Cobb Accessport
  • Open Source
  • Diablo Sport
  • HP Tuners
While we special in the above, we can tune virtually any engine management system available to us and any most vehicle platforms that can be tuned! From Standalone engine management systems to piggyback controllers we will take your vehicle to the next level.

What makes us different is the experience we have with everything from imports, domestics, and exotic cars to drag, drift, time attack and rally vehicles. With our AWD Eddy current DYNOJET Dyno we make sure the every car the leaves runs better then it did when it came from the factory.

The most complex part of tuning is that which enables a car to drive better then it did from the factory while making reliable and consistent power. Wide Open Throttle tuning is the easiest part of a tune. Tuning a vehicle for incredible drivability, idle, hot and cold starts and various environmental conditions is where a tuning specialist proves their worth. 90% of the time spent tuning any car is most often spent on these issues. Only pure race cars have the luxury of choosing to ignore these factors.

Talk to any one of our customers, with any make, model, or tuning platform, and you will find out why VTR should be your ONLY choice for tuning your vehicle!

Give us a ring, or come by to see the VTR Difference!

At VTR we tune out of our Long Island, NY facility but we are also available for vehicle tuning appointments all over the world! Having a dyno day, or need a car tuned? Call us about coming to you!